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Face wash, masks, moisturizer

At Panacea Apothecary we believe that nature provides many solutions to the stress humans put on our skin.  We do not believe in using unpronounceable lab generated chemicals as preservatives.  Many products such as our face masks are in powder form.  In addition to avoiding unhealthy preservatives, this allows you to tailor the mask to your skins needs at a given moment.  We all know that at different times of year, or a change in location,  your skin can react differently. 

Powder formats allow you to adjust the mask to your needs.  They can be mixed with water, yogurt, honey, brewed tea, and apple cider vinegar.  The addition of a squeeze of fresh lemon can enhance the vitamin C benefits of a mask, as well as increase the natural acid, which aids in exfoliating dead skin cells.  When your skin is in need of additional soothing, honey is the perfect medium to mix in.  Yogurt provides lactic acid which increases the natural exfoliation.  Brewed green tea increases the antioxidants.  We personally enjoy steaming our face with our Tea for the Soul (our drinking, steaming, and bath tea),  and then straining the liquid and storing it in the refrigerator to mix with our masks and cleansing grains throughout the week.

You can mix our face masks with a mix of mediums, including mashed fresh berries. Make sure to buy organic!  Avoiding toxic pesticides really matters.  We highly recommend mashed blueberries, yogurt, honey and our Triple Berry Booster mask to pack on those free radical fighting antioxidants.

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