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Setting the Stage

Room fresheners, sachets, etc. that can shift the energy of your space

Self care is about more than just taking care of your physical needs.  Sometimes we need to reboot the energy in our space.  Taking a moment to clear the air with a few spritzes of a room freshener can help release mental blocks and redirect our focus. 

This has become all the more important in a world where a home office has become a way of life for many.  You may want a scent that marks the start of your work day as well as one that transitions you from work mode to unwinding at home.  The absence of a commute, which for many was traditionally their time to unwind from the day, blurs the lines between work and home life.  This shift in how we live makes it all the more important to create daily rituals that instill a sense of space and routine.  

We offer scents that can bring you to the ocean for a deep breath whenever needed.  Or perhaps you love our face toner which doubles as a yoga mat freshener- Nirvana toner is a great way to mark a quick meditational break midday.  

Regardless of the whys, there is a growing need to acknowledge the many uses of our living spaces and the need to consciously shift our mindset at various moments.

Setting the Stage: Brands
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