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Siren's Song Face Mask & Armpit Detoxifier

Siren's Song Face Mask & Armpit Detoxifier


The Siren's Song face mask helps to draw out the craziness lying beneath the surface.  Can be used as a spot treatment for pimples or problem areas such as your nose.  Not recommended for dry skin except as a spot treatment.  Great for those with oily skin- Siren's Song is meant to remove impurities in chaotic skin.


Additionally, Siren's Song was specifically developed with Armpit Detoxification in mind.  I use it weekly to help draw out impurities.  Also great when used daily as you leave behind scary traditional antipersperant / deoderant for clean product.  We frequently forget that the underarm area is first and foremost skin.  It should be taken care of- if you aren't putting as much time and effort into your underarms as your feet, there's a problem!  Feet and armpits are meant to sweat out toxins we encounter in our daily life.  Traditional deoderant / antiperspirant traps these toxins within our bodies.  This is precisely why when people start the transition to natural deoderant, they smell 1000% times worse- you are finally allowing your body to actually release things that have been trapped.  Siren's Song can make the process of switching to natural deoderant a smoother transition.

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